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  1. Hi guys, im scrapping my project build thus selling the following AS A PACKAGE: -100mm Forged Pistons (CP) -OEM Head Gaskets -ACL Race Bearings Items still in vacuum sealed plastic, pistons still in original box never attempted to fix or anything. Take all for SGD1050 no questions will be entertained. This piston is meant for 2.5 engines (wrx, legacy etc) WA me @ +65 8205 8727 My loss your gain.
  2. Hi guys, looking for the above, hoping the bros who scrapping their car or those who got lobang or spare set can consider this with me as mine is at 90% depletion. WA me @ +65 8205 8727 (Faiz) Thanks
  3. Hi guys! Here's my latest setup This is what i craze for. Its called Stance And Fitment.
  4. Hi bro, text me at 8 two zero 5 8 seven two seven for side skirts please thanks
  5. One black Hawkeye Impreza coming! Current members attending: (extract from previous devilogy thread) 1. kenken 2. d3vil0gy 3. 320Awhp 4. pg18 5. inin 6. lumster 7. rexviper 8. Scoobarue 9. Daoming 10. wrx628 11. Pgtrackies (auto inserted list, mai siam) 12. Stanley 13. Freeman01978 14. Faiz87
  6. You're most welcomed bro. Ups for the night.
  7. Updated, strut bar sold to a nice bro
  8. Rear Disc Rotors reserved. Ups for tonight
  9. HAHAHAHAHAH Updated, Perrin Intake with HKS Filter sold. Rear Disc rotors cross-drilled and slotted imported from USA added to list
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