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  1. Hi all subbie bros... Its been long we meet up for a chit chat... So just wondering anyone up for a impromptu meet up at Kallang leisure park today? Lets start the ball rolling... Location: kallang leisure park open space carpark time: now till late... 1.dfntic
  2. 1. d3vil0gy - Bryan - 2pcs 2. Jy3433 - Jeremy - 2 pcs (can put numbers too?) 3. Inin36 - inin - 2pcs 4. kenken - Ken - 2 pcs 5. Insignia - Wong - 1 pc. 6. Snowman23 - Jonathan - 1 pc 7. Jewels - Gary - 1 pc 8. ViperR - Lim - 2 pc 9. snsd555 - Alex - 1 pc 10.D_Fntic - ken - 2pc 11.Fug - bryan-1pc
  3. How about diary farm heavy vihecle carpark??
  4. How about Some Ideas?Coz now I bo Ideas...
  5. Bro iPhone CF case No Haf... but custom subaru club SG case haf... here is how it looks like...
  6. currently not yet... still looking for more interested bros... for any enquiries SMS me @90904410
  7. anyone interested to get a custom Subaru SG Phone Case For your Iphone Or Samsung Or other Smart Phones? Lets start the ball Rolling... SGD$39.90 Each... Interested SMS Ken @90904410 1.D_Fntic 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  8. Woa.... I wan oso.... Add me in grp chat!!! but have to see when i come back from the land of clouds.
  9. Anyone keen to go? 9'tro meet up... Here are the details: https://www.facebook.com/9tro.Alliance/photos/gm.246836948828674/10152276089084122/?type=1&theater
  10. So what which is better air suspensions or the traditional coilovers? I stumbled upon a video on YouTube about this WRX with air suspensions and found that its kind of cool to be able to adjust the ride height almost instantly with out having to head down to a garage or meddle meddle with the confusing combinations for the coilovers... I have done some homework,about the 2 above... I realized that air suspensions are more costlier than the traditional coilovers that most people have in their cars...
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