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  1. Hi Helmy bro, you looking for cockeye or hawkeye front grill. if you want Hawkeye 3pc grill I have.
  2. Hi bro, can i know the price for ur fog light and front grill?

    thanks :)

  3. Greetings everyone!! I’m scrapping my car and looking to clear off some items for your use & benefit. My car is now at the workshop pending for scrap. Car Model: Subaru Impreza TS 1.6A (MY’06 Hawkeye) Color: Silver (Main) + Black (Bonnet, Boot, Spoiler) Scrapping date: 28 July 2016 (Thursday) Workshop location: Sungei Kadut area for collection Things I can think of taking out to sell as below: 1) Head Lamp/Light (Right – new, replaced Feb’15 due to accident) 2) Tail Light (Left & Right
  4. Hi Bro, I think so... you may want to call that company and ask them also. What I know, is that they supply 2 types of ATF for Subaru cars. Btw, if anyone have any shops to recommend selling water temperature gauge SENSOR. Please do share.
  5. aitex... i'll give the ubi branch a call tomorrow. In the meantime, I've found something on the internet - to use charcoal... so for tonight I have just given it a shot. Will let you know if there's any good developments or otherwise.
  6. Bro, I've tried calling autobacs, they all don't have this item... They only got AIR PURIFIER & IONIZER. Where did you get yours?
  7. Hi Kevin613 bro. I've tried using many types of cleaning agent aerosols & liquid forms. But it really doesn't work. I think I may need some professional car carpet grooming.. Hope you or anyone else can recommend a good one. Really cannot tahan the smell anymore... affecting driving concentration.
  8. It's because of the condensed milk in the bandung drink that gradually over time will smell extremely foul bro. what's activated carbon filter? is it like another aerosol spray kind of thing - & where can purchase?
  9. Hi guys, I'm starting this thread to get some tips and maybe some recommendations. Recently, I was buying a bandung packet drink hanging behind my driver seat and it drop burst on the removable carpet. It slowly spread through the bottom floor carpet. Since then, I have been trying a lot of methods (pouring hot water) and spraying freshener (febreeze / dettol aerosols), but the smell really doesn't go away even after aerating in the hot sun for 2 days straight with opened windows. Anyone had a similar incident maybe with kids milk spill or soya bean drink spill etc? I need a g
  10. Hi Guys, Let me know if anyone wants to scrap/sell their car or just their goods. I need 1-2 pc of Subaru emblem/logo to replace my grill & boot ones.
  11. Hi, I bought the Subaru ATF oil (made in USA) from a L**** Auto Parts. 1L bottle = S$13.50 x 4 = S$ 54.00 + GST (7%) = S$57.78
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