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  1. Same, I've used the search function but nothing comes up.
  2. Welcome! Yep, its a great car. Dogs, bike, people; they all go in and the car is quite happy
  3. Ah, so you felt that the 6 speed felt better. Was it the shorter initial ratios?
  4. Ooo, nice. Thanks! I think I shall drop by FT and ask
  5. Hey guys, I'm playing with the idea of doing a 5MT conversion for my forester. I read some of the older posts here but couldn't find out roughly how much this would cost. Can anyone give me a ballpark? thanks!
  6. Thanks all, When/where do you guys meet btw? Is there like a regular meetup or mostly ad hoc?
  7. Thanks! When and where do you guys normally meet? Still at Siglap on Thursday nights?
  8. Hey all, I'm rather late to the scene but new forester owner here. Picked up my '07 2.5T today. Been stalking the forums for awhile to pick up stuff. So far everyone loves the car, including my dogs
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