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  1. Was wondering if anyone knows where they sell Aluminium prop shaft for Impreza RS auto in SG? Checked with some workshops but they dont seem to carry it anymore
  2. Not an expert or know much, but if tyres nothing wrong could it be the Steering rack? or Steering rack busings?
  3. By any chance, were you at Gluttons by the bay yesterday night?
  4. yupyup, no wonder the ride look so familiar lol
  5. Anyone here installed Voltage Stabilizers in their ride? Was at the workshop and saw a SGT driver telling me it works for him. Some say its snake oil, some claim it works?
  6. hmm I dont even know what the prev owner had under the hood and suspension/springs.
  7. Did you try moving your steering wheel left and right while trying to take out the key?
  8. Into my 3rd week of driving my RS and I begin to hear little squeeking sounds from the back suspension =((( Wondering if I should get it checked or it can wait?
  9. 6K!!!!!! wah lau eh. heart pain. Did u buy from a dealer? Im def going to get steering pump checked out.
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