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  1. cold or hot engine still jerks for me.... the repair is eminent. the jerk went away for a while, and it used to be intermittent, and it came back permanently... I think i ask bms before, they can add some additive to temporarily help your gb not jerk that much, to last you until you scrap your car... but for my car is abit too late for that. those people whoes gb are not that bad yet can try.. anyway im trying to form a exiga chat group... PM me if interested?? share knowledge, WS info.. mods etc...
  2. hey guys, i read on the LGT forums about this problem before. https://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/5eat-tranny-issues-shifting-slippingi-157740.html?t=157740&highlight=5eat One of the solution they said was to reset the TCU (transmission control unit), which was to let the GB learn the gear shifting codes. The jerk up was thought to be a code problem. Anyone have thoughts about this? Anyway yes BKS quoted 3k for the overhaul. with some strengthening of the gb internals to handle more power.. I read there is this mod/strengthening on the valvebody which mak
  3. wtb vf52 turbo. contact me at 97980228 thanks!
  4. interested in Brembo. PM-ed
  5. Looking around to get a set of 2nd hand coilovers or lowering springs for the exiga gt.. anyone knows what other subaru models share the fitting of the exiga, so when looking around i know what can fit.. thanks!
  6. Want to buy STI coil springs, to fit exiga gt. can contact 9798 0 22 8 thanks!
  7. Hi, not sure if anyone knows what turbo is the exiga GT running on, and is it possible to upgrade the turbo, and to what model? anyone wants to form a chatroom we can discuss more? cheers..
  8. what information do u need? the one i have from motorimage is very very simple, not much info inside... i also have the japanese one in pdf, i think u use google translate is better?
  9. Its been abit dead here... any owners reading this? just curious, what brand petrol are u pumping now?
  10. hey people, hows the reliability of this car? Thinking to get the 2.0 version.. I heard that subaru traditionally have quite some problems..
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