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  1. New shoes!! It's now ready for bigger aftermarket brakes!! 18x8.5J Work Emotion T7R in Matte Bronze
  2. Hey bro, sorry for the late reply as I seldom check back here. Got it from these guys; https://www.facebook.com/pg/DrivenPerformance/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1123334274352142
  3. June 2017 Updates; Swapped out the original Subaru floor mats with all-weather floor liners which have sidewall coverage. Installation of Cusco front strut tower bar and rear chassis power brace (no pix as I forgot to take pics and its now buried behind the rear bumper -_-")
  4. The first "performance mod" I've done; installed the Invidia Q300 catback exhaust system after my 5k servicing lol!! Really like the little extra note it adds to the vehicle and those larger diameter tail pipes that flush with the bumper look alot better than the stock pipes!!
  5. Looking for aftermarket LED rear lights for my FXT, saw some online in the same design as those in the pic but the shipping over is a hassle and I heard the connectors need to be changed to fit to our models here.
  6. Got it done by James at JJ Decal Hub, it was $60 for the grille and $40 for the fog lamp nacelles. His workmanship is good but I won't recommend doing the fog lamp part as the shape of the nacelles aren't conducive to wraps. Mine tore along part of the curved edge after over a month. So I removed the sticker wrap there and plastidipped the fog lamp nacelles myself.
  7. I found the chrome bits on the front a little too garish for my liking and got rid of them
  8. SeraphXT

    2015 FXT

    I've always felt Subaru has one of the best "Performance & Features : Price" ratios of the Japanese brands. As compared to similar cars of this type by other brands, this has class leading performance figures as well as extra features over its competition for a very competitive price. Lol I'll be sharing my photo journey of the personal touches I add to my Forester here, some people see a new car, I see a fresh piece of canvas to start over with... Plus that Pleiades star cluster logo looks unique and how many other car manufacturers can say they had an anime collaboration? See be
  9. Hi everyone, my name is Tim.I've just picked up my new car earlier today and its a Forester SJG in dark metallic grey. I used to drive a Honda Civic FD2 before this and did some small minor modifications like brakes, coil overs, tuning and an aftermarket exhaust system. I intend to do some stuff to this one as well lol. This is the first Subaru I've owned and the first turbo charged vehicle I've driven. Its performance : price ratio is great compared to other similar cars of its type, also there are lots of extra features present that are usually only found on continental cars.
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