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  1. -Sand blasted, Primer Sprayed, ready to paint(at your own designated workshop) - 5 x 114.3 / +55 / 18” / 8.5j - $3750 (negotiable) contact : Nine Seven Eight Nine Four Six Six Two
  2. Slotted Disc, Brake pads, new Dust cover/Piston Seals. All used less than 5000km -Genuine Brembo 355mm Front / Rear disc (bought $2000) -TS20 Brake Pads Front / Rear (Track Ready and Low Dust)(bought $1500) -Complete Dust Boot and Piston Seal (bought $980) Price inclusive of installation, custom bell, custom bracket, SSBH and Brake fluid Meet to see if you keen.
  3. Selling a brand new holeless Spec C boot trunk. With primer painted. only 5kg $650 contact 97894662
  4. 1. Fujitsubo Super Ti GDB(2.0/2.5) Used, what you see is what you get. Discontinued one piece Titanium 7.4kg only Meet at ubi to see for yourself no cert $1980 SGD 2. Fujitsubo Legalis R FGK GDB(2.0/2.5) Used with cert $400 buyer pay for transfer fee email: [email protected]
  5. S.K


  6. used less than 9mth or less than 10k mileage, funding for another sets of Ohlins for my other ride. -Bought Warranty set - still got 1+ year warranty with local agent -Price still negotiable for interested party. - bought almost close to 6k after GST included - no scratches or dents as i was around to watch the installations. UK specs is similar to JDM spec except Spring rate is 1kg softer. UK front: 9kg UK Rear: 7kg https://www.ohlins.eu/en/products/automotive/sus-mi10--38/ JDM front: 10kg JDM rear: 8kg http://ohlins.czj.jp/auto/Item/BTO-VMG_DFV_HAL.html
  7. For all FA20 engines -already ceramic coated -Want to see more, kindly PM to meet up and see actual thing yourself easier and better. -Weight is almost 40% lighter than stock. kindly drop me a private message or email [email protected]
  8. used less than a 1mth, going to try other brands, -Price is dealing in Singapore Dollars (SGD) -Shipping on overseas buyer’s account -Intallation can be done by me or your own workshop. -Paid $1400+ directly from Japan -Condition as good as new, can see for yourself if interested. -Specs as given and provided. interested can PM me.
  9. Hi All, selling my newly bought aluminium boot trunk as i purchased wrongly its pre drilled to be used for High Rise Spoiler weighs only 5.5Kg contact : 97894662
  10. -Selling in $6800 Singapore Dollars(SGD) -Shipping can be arranged( for overseas buyers) -Selling as a pair -Refurbished @$900 SGD and kept a side - only 18kg a piece - selling at half the price now. my loss is your gain -comes with original seat rail -optional custom made FXT seat rail available(seat was used on SJG previously) Reason for selling, no more in use. upgrading to other seats. http://www.trial.co.jp/osaka/event/recaro/sport_spxc100.html interested pls kindly call 97894662
  11. hi selling this rare seat at $6600. negotiable just speng $900 cleaning and waxing the seats
  12. https://www.fujitsubo.co.jp/prods/detail/000000000000002285/00000000000000005096/00001607 paid $1458 with shipping and gst selling $800( negotiable )
  13. Rim : 18x9J +45 PCD: 5 x 100 Tyre: Falken Azenis FK453cc 235/50/18 Tyres still have 3 rotation free with Stamford Tyres Price: Rims only = $850 x 4 Rims + Tyres = $950 x 4 Pls contact 97894662
  14. only Selling complete wheel set at $3930 My Loss is Your Gain Only travelled 2300 km milage Rims/Tyres RIM : 18 x 9J +45 (weighs only 7.5 kg each,bought at $950) PCD: 5x100 TYRE :Falken Azenis FR435CC 235 / 50 / 18(bought $240) Condition: 9/10 Free : Original Ray’s Centre cap(worth $55 each) Free : 3 free tyre rotation from Stamford Tyre
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