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  1. Blue Euro R Manual 2.0 Fully restored, all wear and tear replaced Coe till 02/26 Car pictures can be viewed on sgcarmart. Non urgent sale. Interested parties WhatsApp 91557015
  2. Hello all members, As with our latest software upgrade, we have a refreshed core committee in place - we believe in the passion for Subarus Sharing of knowledge, great meet-up sessions, supper runs, off-road challenges, tracking, charity drives, new model launch privileges etc. Introducing to you, our new (.. but old) core committee members, who will facilitate and bring the best out of the Subaru Experience to you. Remember, for the members, by the members. Bryan aka d3vil0gy - PR/Sponsorships Paul aka highrider - SCSG Vice Chief, Forester Chief,
  3. yes front and rear require. but front not so jialat, if ride is high enough shouldn't be a problem. I daily with 18x9.5 +35 on 255 tires and camber. tire wear is very jialat must warn u first. For looks, i would strongly suggest 18 x 9.5j. Anything less aggressive than this is more practical
  4. uh, did you decat? 1. You can might as well decat and put a resistor 2. Put a resistor I doubt is the o2. o2 error code will show that it is o2. o2 sensor not cheap.
  5. Just post your number here. They will add you in But it is a very poisonous group don't say no warn. lol
  6. i use screws. but keep getting ripped off. .... So i cut away the centre part lololololol
  7. Yup, got to run 255. Some run 235 but damn stretch. You definitely need camber and fender works (im using your offset +35 and below) Don't run 245 as the tires will be too high and will affect your speedo.
  8. If you have a few mods on, and after a manual reset, the ecu detects certain things like "too rich, too lean, high air flow etc." It will then adjust on its own (correction) - till which, ECU will feel that its normal and CEL goes off. General rule of thumb, 100km - 300km for it to go off. If after the next fuel pump it is still there, go down to any pro subaru workshop to scan the error. Might be one of the sensors going kaput.
  9. Yes bro, banks sometimes quite pain in the a**. However in this case, I believe they'd rather choose to accept your full settlement than to repossess and auction (they make more from your full settlement)
  10. Hello bro, First of all, sincerest and deepest condolences from the team @ SCSG. Please find my humblest advice; 1. To transfer the car to your name, a) LTA need to release a transfer PIN (need to provide them documents) your financing company (bank) need to release log card to show to LTA on the day of transfer Note: a) It will be a +1 owner transfer count (meaning that the car will now be a second owner car) You will need to clear all outstanding loans with financing company (full settlement) Without the above, LTA will not allow the transfer of car to your na
  11. To flush, you are looking at offsets +38 and below. Rim width will have to be 8.5 and above. The most recommended, will be +35 and rim width 9.5, but of course additional investment has to be made for camber adjustments and rolling of fenders. You get a flush look with mildly aggressive cambers.
  12. See.. why buy supercar. hahahaha You can join in for event bro, can put the kids in another ride, and you can take care of the kids at the venue itself haha
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