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Official - New (but old) core team of SubaruClubSG!

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Hello all members,


As with our latest software upgrade, we have a refreshed core committee in place - we believe in the passion for Subarus

Sharing of knowledge, great meet-up sessions, supper runs, off-road challenges, tracking, charity drives, new model launch privileges etc.


Introducing to you, our new (.. but old) core committee members, who will facilitate and bring the best out of the Subaru Experience to you. Remember, for the members, by the members.


Bryan aka d3vil0gy - PR/Sponsorships

Paul aka highrider - SCSG Vice Chief, Forester Chief, some say.. the legendary forester that tail lamp cannot even see..

Wah Kum aka elijahbaley - Chief technical, race events chief, 3GWRX Chief, multiple trophies representing the pride of Subarus

Ken aka kenken - Chief racer, PG Track days coordinator, legendary PG White Knight, multiple trophies representing the pride of Subarus

Jerry aka 320bhp - Chief technical, legendary PG King, Content chief

Keith aka bigtoe - Chief NA pride (yet has another turbo impreza)

KQ aka BLehBleh - Chief technical, Chief Events, SubTag Chief, Chief Mega meet

Chua aka Chua27 - 4G Turbo Chief, Chief IT, Vice Chief Mega meet

Joshua aka Keeper8388 - 4G NA Chief, Events

Wee aka Dontellu - Chief Support, Events


Our inbox are always opened! Do feel-free to drop us a PM to any related queries!


Looking forward to serving the Subaru community!

For the members, by the members


Best Regards,


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