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We have the honour of polishing the car of the president of the Subaru Club Singapore! Take a look at the pics and be a witness to our standard!





The Glow





Visit our website at http://eadetailer.com for more details or reach out to us via our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/eadetailer

Looking forward to hear from you!

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Ever wonder how much cockroach can 1 catch in the car? 

Answer: Quite alot. 

At EA Detailer, we bring fumigation and eradicating pest to a whole new level.

Here we are, checking and catching roaches that likes to stay hidden




Not a single one escapes our eyes.



If you are facing pest problem in your car, we'll all be ready to 'Catch 'Em All'.

Do visit our website at http://eadetailer.com for more details or reach out to us via our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/eadetailer

Hope to hear from you soon! Happy Deepavali!

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    • By jeremycai
      5 years paintwork warranty for the Forester. 😉

    • By EA Detailer
      Hi Guys!
      Ever wondered why your car needs a layer of coat? How to rid your vehicle of pests such as cockroaches and fleas? 
      We are Singapore's Best Auto Detailer and EA Detailer is here to help you! Please visit our official blog for more tips to take care of your ride and we are here to answer any enquiry you have!
      Stay tuned for promotions specially crafted for Subaru Club Singapore!
    • By pills
      I don't know why the carpark carrier came down and didn't detect my car when I was going into my condo.
      Usually, it won't even come down when I follow closely behind the car in front and it did and I stopped and then it knocked my bonnet. Now has 2 small dent caused by metal and scratch somemore. Heart pain coz new car.
      Where can I get these fixed without forking out too much? This is a SUBARU Forester. It's such a small damaged, like 2 dots but have to fix coz scratched. 
      Can someone advise? Boohoo... Took car from hubby for 1 day and kena this. Am I sway or what? Or rather, is he sway or what...  
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      - 1 Bottle of 4 litre engine oil Fully Synthetic available
      - Selling due coz I sold my car
      - Bought it at $27.90
      - Selling at loss
      - No Lowballers 
      I can be reached at 96620427
      Selling at $20

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      My new DIY Project for my ride again From Satin pearl white to Frozen Grey! Metal Style !
      Give me your feedbacks :DD Cheers!

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