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used less than a 1mth, going to try other brands,
-Price is dealing in Singapore Dollars (SGD)
-Shipping on overseas buyer’s account
-Intallation can be done by me or your own workshop.
-Paid $1400+ directly from Japan
-Condition as good as new, can see for yourself if interested. 
-Specs as given and provided. 

interested can PM me.




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    • By zenfd1
      Subaru Legacy 2.5GT BL9 Dekit Sale (starts now and ending 15 October 2020)

      1. Vf36 twin scroll spec c turbo

      2. Twinscroll piping with certified kakimoto regalis R  twin exos

      3. Hyperflow topmount intercooler

      4. EJ25 engine (less than 25k km since overhauled)

      5. 5AT gearbox (less than 20k km since rebuilt)

      6. Cusco front strut bar with brake stopper

      7. Power steering pump (less than 25k km)

      8. Starter motor (less than 20k km)

      9. Varta battery

      10. Steering wheel audio and cruise control switch (3mths)

      11. 7" Android head unit with centre console

      12. Leather wrapped dashboard

      13. Leather shift boot (3mths)

      14. Coinbox (direct replacement for fusebox cover to make useable space)

      15. Prova side mirrors (blue tint)

      16. Prova rear view mirror (blue tint)

      17. Folding side mirrors

      18. Auto folding mirror swtich

      19. Auto folding mirror swtich with rear wiper button (good for intercooler spray kit)

      20. Original JDM spec armrest extension

      21. Spec B dash trim x 4pcs  (gloss gunmetal grey to replace stock dull silver trim)

      22. Clear Headlights with washer

      23. Taillights

      24. Spec B front grille

      25. Spec B fog lamp and covers

      26. 18" Wedsport TC105N (gloss black) with michellin PS4 225/40/18 (tyres used less than 15k km)

      27. Sti Gold brembo 4pot front calipers (with pads less than 15k km) and 2pot back calipers (with pads less than 2k km)

      28. Cusco front and rear anti sway bars

      29. HKS rear camber kit (less than 5k km)

      30. Bilstein suspension with H&R springs (all top hats replaced)

      Please PM reasonable offers if keen.

      Let me know if you need any other parts.


    • By S.K
      used less than 9mth or less than 10k mileage, funding for another sets of Ohlins for my other ride.
      -Bought Warranty set
      - still got 1+ year warranty with local agent
      -Price still negotiable for interested party. 
      - bought almost close to 6k after GST included
      - no scratches or dents as i was around to watch the installations. 
      UK specs is similar to JDM spec except Spring rate is 1kg softer. 
      UK front: 9kg 
      UK Rear: 7kg
      JDM front: 10kg
      JDM rear: 8kg
      The rest are all the same.
      if keen can contact me at 97894662 SK

    • By S.K
      For all FA20 engines
      -already ceramic coated
      -Want to see more, kindly PM to meet up and see actual thing yourself easier and better.
      -Weight is almost 40% lighter than stock.
      kindly drop me a private message or email [email protected]

    • By Thumperstumper
      Hi, just cleared the storeroom and have a used BL5 original airbox to giveaway if anyone still wants one. Please PM if interested. 
    • By lym
      Hi all,
      Have the below item for sale;
      1. BL9 (Subaru legacy sedan) rear bumper (New, JDM, unpainted & unused) = $200
      Nicer looking rear bumper.
      Good for those who renewed their COE for their BL9.
      Please kindly PM me if you're interested. Thanks for viewing.  
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